Bonking for Bangles

There are regularly a range of questionable and variable statistics tossed around with respect to the number of males who pay for the sexual services of ladies. And about the quantity of females who are explicitly professional prostitutes. In most places they are extremely unreliable and based upon laughably small samplings, or come from prejudiced sources with an axe to grind or a fund-raising scrounging bowl to shake.

As far as I am aware, there are no trustworthy figures on the quantity of females and males involved in the purchasing and selling of sex on a semi-professional basis. The kind of reciprocation where fellas have the ability to escort women that would normally be out of their league in terms of looks, but where capital and presents fill the void.

Regardless of where you are, there are a lot of gorgeous and alluring women who are happy to spend time, and copulate with, men that they do not seriously find physically arousing, but whose material and financial resources makes them exciting. They are retained with wonderful presents; shoes, designer purses and luggage, great selections of designer label clothes, top of the line vehicles, pricey spectacular travel and holiday breaks, superior dining establishments and VIP in all the clubs. Basically, these are really the chicks who would never ever imagine themselves as whore. But they have little or no additional money than that supplied by their “gentlemen friends”. In a nut-shell, they bonk for bangles.

Curiously, they are frequently disdained by ladies who work as Ibiza escorts or the like. In the opinion of those young ladies they are simply liars, especially as the “professional sweetheart” is often hugely mealy-mouthed about what exactly they are engaging in and scathing about openly professional whores.

You would be astounded at the number of the women that you now see in blogs, tabloid newspapers and the gossip magazines have perhaps had former work as call girls, or still actively function (rather discretely) as call girls, although usually at the very top of the sector. Certainly I understand for sure that of the finest high class escorts London has to offer at the current time is also the girlfriend of a very widely known writer. And two of the greatest escorts London has ever witnessed are mixed up with a high profile politician and a business leader.

There is an enlarging niche of study into the topic of “erotic capital” and the manner in which ladies do, have, and will remain to (so long as individuals want very easy access to coitus and want to exchange wealth in return for it) barter their charm, attention and passionate rewards for cashflow. That may be by means of influence, presents or the straightforward transfer of money. But so long as young ladies have a product that guys can not get enough of, they will continue to be presented with prizes for it.